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The App I’ve Been Waiting For

It’s been a while waiting but finally my bank came out with the one app that most likely makes my iPhone relatively complete. Many people steer away from mobile banking and some (like myself) embrace it. Not only is it convenient (although anti-social) it’s also very easy and many of the things you’d typically do online can now be done from the palm of your hand.

Scotiabank’s mobile app comes hot off the development table and into your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s simple and sleek and does what a user on the go may want to do. Need to check to see how my money you have left on your account? No problem. Launch the application, type in your bank account info and away you go.

Need to transfer some money between two or more accounts? The app can do that as well. You’ve forgotten to pay a bill and your no where near a bank or worst a wifi hotspot, no problem. Just launch the app. From transferring money, checking your account balance to paying your bills on the go, the Scotiabank Mobile app will be there to help you out.
To make logins even simpler, the app stores your account number out of site and only prompt’s for a password to log back in. Make sure not to use a generic or easy password in the event that your phone gets lost or stolen. It’s most likely best to also run MobileMe in then event that this does occur, you can remotely wipe the phone and get rid of the app.